Our rates

Regular rates 2024

Day care 0-4 year olds                   €11,24 p/u

Evening care until 22hrs               €11,24 p/u

Weekend care                                 €12,74 p/u

(National) Holidays                      €12,74 p/u

Drop off and pick up times are in consultation between 06:00-22:00hrs.

Our arrangements

The fixed placement arrangement

Based on the number of hours per month agreed upon with you. These are fixed hours and fixed care moments per child, per month.

Guaranteed childcare accommodation as agreed in the arrangement.

Including exchange service.

Additional hours will be charged afterwards.

The minimum purchase for day care is 35 hours per month.

The flexible placement arrangement

·       Based on the number of hours per month agreed upon with you and tailored to the hourly schedule/shift(s).

·       Including exchange service.

·       Additional hours will be charged afterwards.

·       Minimum purchase for day care is 35 hours per month

We are aware that schedules/services may not be known until late. We try to take this into account as much as possible. We will explain how to schedule flexible hours during the introductory meeting.

A combination of the above arrangements is also possible.

De Vier Seizoenen collects your (advance) invoice monthly via direct debit.

Additional information

Our opening hours are Monday to Sunday 06:00 -22:00 hrs.7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. We are also open on all public holidays and “Vastenavend”.

De Vier Seizoenen works with care moments of at least 3.5 hours. We are happy to discuss drop off and pick-up times, so that your child can complete their playful moments together with the other children.

Day care: 06:00-19:30

Evening care: 19:30-22:00


All rates include (a.o.) registration costs, linen, bottles, diapers, diaper pants, bottle feeding, all (fresh) meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and healthy snacks. Special and dietary food is not included.

Each guest also receives their own diary.

Your contribution towards the costs of your childcare

All forms of childcare that we offer are eligible for childcare allowance. To check your potential allowance we would like to refer you to www.toeslagen.nl.

De Vier Seizoenen is registered in the National Childcare Register (LRK). Our LRK registration number is 275559506.

Drop off & pick up service

If you want to use our pick-up & delivery service, you can request the drop off & pick up rates/possibilities here.

All visits are by appointment

If you are dropping off/picking up your child or if you are coming to cuddle, bottle- or breastfeed, of course we would like to be informed of your arrival.

If you want to schedule an introduction, we refer you to the contact page.

Transfer during pick-up/drop-off of your child

Personal contact with you, parent(s) and/or caretaker(s) is essential to us. If you come to drop off and pick up your child, we are happy to discuss the day care with you. If you do not have time for a drink at that moment, you will always be able to read about the day care in Bitcare and your child’s personal diary.

Pre-school (VVE/Peuterspeelzaal – Toddler playgroup)

De Vier Seizoenen also offers Pre-(pre)school (VVE/Toddler playgroup) from 18 months. More information about this can be found here.

Individual childcare agreement

De Vier Seizoenen can cancel the individual childcare agreement with immediate effect:

·       if the child exhibits such behaviour that this poses a danger to the mental and/or physical health of the other children.

·       De Vier Seizoenen reserves the right to immediately discontinue childcare if payment terms are not met.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask them by using our contact form at the bottom of this page. Also take a look at Questions & Answers or call us on 06 38 58 35 27. We are available from Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00 hr.