Our interior design

Growing up in a natural, cosy environment

Our rooms Spring, Summer and Autumn are decorated taking our little guests into account. Our furnishing is based on the use of natural, wooden materials that radiate tranquillity and child-friendliness, but also encourage play. All our furniture is at child height, so that the world can be discovered independently by your child, with the pedagogical guidance of our team. It’s cosy and pleasant. The lighting also contributes to the tranquil and serene appeal.

In the parent lounge, Winter, you can have a drink after bringing or before picking up your child. A nice moment to meet other parents as well.

Variety to stimulate development

The interior decoration is varied. Patio doors to the gardens give a real inside-outside feeling. In addition, our guests can enjoy lounging, relaxing and playing, together or alone. At our large set tables we have breakfast, lunch and dinner together. There is plenty of room to climb, clamber and crawl inside, but above all we enjoy going outside.

Responsible and safe facilities

Each season room has the same facilities, such as toilets at child height, changing tables, age-appropriate furniture for comfort and exercising and spacious sleeping areas with cots. Enough space to explore but also to rest, which is very important especially in the first years of one’s life. To get a good night’s sleep or a daytime nap, your child will sleep in its own bed in quiet and cosy bedrooms. We consciously choose “normal” cots, just like at home. You will not find bunk beds and lockable beds in De Vier Seizoenen.