Questions & Answers

You are a green childcare centre. What is your pedagogical view on this?

We believe experiencing nature is essential when raising a child. We all know how healthy it is to be outside and getting to know the environment around you. Together with you as parent(s), we make children aware of the nature around them, and how you treat nature with respect and love. Read more about our green oasis here.

What is your pedagogical policy?

We stand for high-quality care and education. We think it is important that a child can be himself and can discover the world as independently and safely as possible at his or her own pace. If we would translate this into a pedagogical direction or movement, we would say we apply a lot of Montessori pedagogy in our work. Our materials, both inside and outside, are almost all at child height and we limit the amount of playing material. Curiosity and creativity of the children are our starting point as well as patience. There is plenty of room to move around both indoors and outdoors. Together we take care of the environment and learn from and with each other. A copy of our pedagogical policy plan is available for your perusal in De Vier Seizoenen. Read more about the way we work here.

You are a flexible childcare centre, open 365 days a year. Do the children experience many changing faces?

No definitely not! There are always the same pedagogical employees on fixed days and times. It is very important that your child receives personal attention, warmth and security from an employee he/she knows and recognises. We strive for one-on-one attention and every child has their own personal mentor. Read more about our team here.

Can I pick up and drop off my child whenever I want?

This is possible in consultation. Between 06.00 am and 22.00 pm, the day is divided into blocks of 3.5 hours. Drop off and picking up can take place at any time, subject to consultation with the planning department. The planning department will coordinate with you that your child completes as many whole (play-learn) blocks as possible. It is not pleasant for children if activities cannot be completed together.

Do you also have a toddler playgroup?

Yes, of course! Read here more about our toddler playgroup (VVE), also known as pre-school.

I am (just) pregnant. Should I register our baby now?

First of all, congratulations with your pregnancy! It is very logical that you already want to think about a nice and safe place for your child. Of course you want everything to be arranged well before you give birth and we are happy to help with that. We advise you to schedule an introductory meeting with us. We will then show you around our beautiful building and discuss your wishes with you, whilst sharing a drink.

Can I come in and cuddle my child(ren) and/or bottle- or breastfeed (e.g. during my break)?

Of course. You are most welcome after consulting with our team. If you want to feed your child, you can relax and enjoy in one of our “seasons” together with your baby. Tranquillity, rhythm and regularity are the magic words.

If I come to pick up or drop off my child(ren), how will the transfer take place?

We are happy to discuss the day with you while enjoying a drink. As a guest, your child will always receive its own diary, but we can also share photos with you via Bitcare that were taken during the day. Personal contact with you as a parent/guardian is of great importance to us in order to monitor and guarantee the quality and service.

Do you have a pick-up and drop off service?

At your request, and if possible at the time of your application, we can pick up and drop off your child(ren) in the Bergen op Zoom region. Rates on request.

What if my child is really sick and has a fever?

Please contact our team and they will advise you further.

Do you take pictures and/or film our child?

Only with your approval. Of course we will also explain our photo, internet and social media policy to you during the introductory meeting.

Does your childcare centre meet all (safety) requirements?

Of course. Safety is our top priority. Our beautiful building and the gardens are fully pedagogically up to standard so that it meets the (latest) safety requirements set by the Municipality of Bergen op Zoom, the Fire Brigade and the GGD (municipal health service).

Am I entitled to childcare allowance?

You can check your potential childcare allowance via the page It is very important that in your application you refer to the type of childcare as day care/’KDV’, with our registration number: 275559506.

What happens if I don’t bring my child on the agreed day? Or when we go on holiday?

You can then use our exchange service. We will explain this during the introductory meeting.

Do you also offer out-of-school care (BSO)?

No. We offer day care for 0-4 year old children.

What is your COVID protocol?

We follow the guidelines of the Dutch authority RIVM (National institute for Health and the Environment). If the guidelines change we apply the new regulations immediately. Naturally the basic guidelines are always met.

Do we receive a newsletter?

Our customers receive a bi-weekly newsletter (The Weekendflits). An extensive newsletter in which we inform our customers about the activities we undertake with our guests, the dates for cosy and informative get togethers and lectures for parents, availability in the weekends, a column from management and other fun stuff from our team and the guests. Another example could be requests for you as parent(s) and grandparents to participate in activities.

Do you also have a parent committee?

Of course, our parent committee consists of enthusiastic parents and meets quarterly. If you are interested in participating, please mail us.

Where can we find your general terms and conditions and house rules?

You will receive this when signing the agreement.

Do you have experience in childcare?

Yes, since 2001.