How we work – our methods

Small-scale, homely, green

Experiencing nature in a proper manner is essential for upbringing. Every kind of development that children go through can be practiced in nature. A simple example could be gently picking up a ladybug to practice fine motor skills. In addition, playing in nature also brings pleasure and relaxation. An oasis of tranquillity. Read more about our green oasis here.

To guarantee the quality of our care, we have three small-scale, vertical groups of 0-4 years. Spring, Autumn and Summer. Winter is the parent lounge where you can have a drink when you bring or pick up your child.

Our small scale enables us to use trust as the starting point for our work. We think it is important that both your child and you know us and feel comfortable with us and vice versa. Therefore our team is easy accessible and contact is personal. Read more about our team here.


De Vier Seizoenen is open from 06.00 am to 22.00 pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In the evening, weekends and on public holidays as well. We do not work with half-days, but with blocks of at least 3,5 hours. This means that you can bring and pick up your child(ren) throughout the day. In all our years of experience we have noticed that working with half-days can be an obstacle for you as a parent. Especially when you need flexible care. We also offer fixed, flexible or weekend arrangements or a combination of these services. Read more about our rates, type of arrangements, services and conditions.

Flexibility to us means more than just extended opening hours. Flexibility also means that we offer customisation, together we can determine what is best for your child. We maintain the rhythm that you keep at home in order to offer as much continuity as possible for your child and match your family situation. That is why we work with ‘life principles’. In this document you describe, if needed together with one of our team members, the rhythm and preferences regarding the care and upbringing of your child, our guest.


Bitcare is an online childcare planning and administration system. We work with Bitcare in order to process your planning requests quickly and to provide you with insight into all information with regard to the care of your child. As soon as you sign an agreement with us, you will have access to the Bitcare Parent App in which you can arrange everything; from requesting your schedule to viewing photos of your child. During the introductory meeting, we will explain in detail how Bitcare works.

Healthy and nutritious food

We all know that a healthy diet can make all the difference to your child’s growth. But it is often difficult. Exactly what is healthy and what isn’t? And what is the balance between healthy food and ‘just a small sweet every now and then’? Within De Vier Seizoenen we think carefully about these questions. Your child can have breakfast, lunch and dinner with us. We offer a varied selection, with fresh bread from the baker, (fruit) juice on a natural basis and we always choose fresh fruit and vegetables, of course from our own garden. We also take special food requirements into account, such as halal, vegetarian, vegan or gluten- and lactose-free (among others). When you have questions about your child’s diet or eating pattern we are happy to discuss them with you. We also have a Health Coach childcare in-house.

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