Pre-school with Uk & Puk

Uk & Puk provides overall development for toddlers & pre-schoolers. This means that toddlers & pre-schoolers learn how to feel good about themselves, become self-reliant, learn to use their senses to view the world around them and to think logically. Every child in their own way and at their own pace. Our pre-school is a high-quality toddler playgroup in which your child is personally and directly supervised by our pedagogical professionals.

Thanks to Uk & Puk, they develop their motor skills and learn to control their own behaviour. In this way, toddlers and pre-schoolers immediately receive all the skills to develop to their full potential and they become prepared, together with Puk, to go to school full of self confidence.

Pre-pre-school: 1-plus

From about 18 months (pre-pre-school) we offer our guests the opportunity to participate in the pre-pre-school program (toddler playgroup). An educational and challenging program that playfully prepares our little guests for the pre-school program. Stimulating the development of motor skills and developing language skills is at the centre of this program.

Pre-school: 2-plus

We offer our pre-school program from 2 plus. If your child takes part in the pre-pre-school program, your child will be transferred to the 2-plus class when he/she turns two. The difference with the 1-plus program is that in the 2-plus classes more attention is paid to the “we” and “together”. At this age, children develop this awareness so the foundation for “playing together, learning together” can be formed. In addition to motor skills development and language development, social-emotional development is also further stimulated during this phase. And of course nature, going outside and discovering the world step by step, also plays a very important role at this stage.

Pre-school 3 plus

The pre-school program from 3-plus primarily prepares for “school life”. This program focuses on more challenge, independence and personal development. Of course we mainly do this outside: exercising, exploring nature, gardening. Together we answer the how, what, where and why?


Our pre-school has a morning and an afternoon program.

The morning program lasts from 09:00-11:30

The afternoon program lasts from 13:00-15:30

If you so wish your child may join for lunch or dinner after the program.

Lunch time 12:15-12:45

Dinner time 17:15-17:45

After pre-school, your child is then able to have some time to play with classmates and afterwards enjoy a tasty and healthy meal and chat together at the table. Our pre-school hours fall under the registration of regular childcare and have the same rate as day care, while retaining the childcare allowance.

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