Our team

We work with a team of experienced, enthusiastic and competent pedagogical staff. In our pleasant, tranquil environment your child, our guest, will receive plenty of personal attention, warmth and security from a team member, he or she knows or recognizes. We strive for one-on-one attention. No changing faces, no unrest, but just tranquillity, rhythm, hygiene and regularity. De Vier Seizoenen will immediately feel like home.

Our team pays a lot of attention to the pedagogical guidance of all the various aspects of development. Always in good consultation. We closely monitor your child’s development in Bitcare, our online system that gives you access to information related to your child’s care and development. Read more about Bitcare here.

Working in childcare requires involvement and commitment. As a team, we see each other as pedagogical professionals. We are continuously working on self-development and professionalisation. We keep up to date by learning more about, for example, healthy nutrition, gardening, sleeping rhythms and specialised baby care.

We work according to our pedagogical policy and protocols (for example illness, safe sleeping and accidents). These documents are available at our location. In our pedagogical policy plan “Ambiance and experience in a green environment” you can read our vision on high-quality care, education and how we put this into practice. During the introductory meeting and the tour, we will also extensively explain our pedagogical policy. Feel free to contact us for more information.