About us

As a small-scale and homely childcare centre, we are able to offer high standard professional childcare. We do this with committed and enthusiastic pedagogical professionals who pursue the optimal development of your child on a daily basis. In order to allow a child to grow and flourish in tranquillity, we strive for a familiar, safe and homely environment.

We believe it is very important to create an atmosphere where your child feels emotionally and physically safe. These are the first conditions to give your child, our guest, the opportunity for optimal development. This involves cognitive development, but also, for example, motor skills, language/speech development, social-emotional skills and, developing values ​​and norms.

With the right care of and attention to nature, De Vier Seizoenen will be perceived as a wonderful place that feels like home. We jointly create quality childcare. Together with our team, the children and with you. Read more about our method here. In our pedagogical policy plan you will find our vision on high-quality care. We are happy to discuss our pedagogical policy with you during an introductory meeting and guided tour.